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Koleda pasta production

Proizvodnja i veleprodaja durum tjestenine Velika Gorica

KOLEDA durum pasta contains a minimum 20% eggs! Its rich composition and flavor bring the aromas and colors of dishes made of durum wheat and top quality eggs to our tables – because we make pasta with a great deal of love and care – the traditional way!

Koleda - porijeklo imena

The Origin of the name Koleda
The custom of well-wishing on holy-days, called koledarenje, has survived since the times of the old Slavs until the present.

Pasta recipes


A rich soup, like the ones our grandmothers used to make, is great with Koleda pasta – the traditional way! more...


Prepare a tasty meal with Koleda pasta combined with various sauces and additions! more...

Proizvodnja tjestenine Koleda